Soleil Moon Frye has paid tribute to his former Shifty Shellshock bandmate after his death

Soleil Moon Frye remembers his old friend and former sidekick Shifty Shellshock after his untimely death.

The rapper and songwriter, best known as a co-founder of the 1990s rock band Crazy Town, died on June 24 at the age of 49 from an accidental overdose. In memory of Instagram Featuring several shots with Shellshock (real name Seth Binzer), Frye remembered her ex-husband as “the most glamorous, most tattooed angel in mismatched shoes.”

“My heart whispers a million words: I love you because you loved me and my children unconditionally.” Banky Brewster The star wrote. “I can still see your sweet, smiling face in middle school when you kissed me in your love tunnel and the way you swept me back in as we grew up to show me what that kind of timeless love looks like.”

“There are no words that can express the love we shared or what we feel right now,” she continued. “It’s a language of its own. So now I’m going to use all the strength you’ve shown me to hold on to those words you asked me in your beautiful morning in your raspy voice on the beach as you covered me with kisses. ‘To the people we’ve lost, and we’ll see them again in the future, won’t we? I guess we will, Seth.’”

“And when we do, I’ll instantly see your blazing moon welcoming your family, friends, fans and loved ones under the double rainbows of love. Love you forever and always,” Fry added.

Shellshock, who catapulted to fame with Crazy Town with their hit song “Butterfly,” was found dead in his Los Angeles home last month. The rapper has been vocal about his addiction issues, appearing on VH1 shows Celebrity Rehabilitation And Sober House.

Frye and Shellshock were romantically linked in 2021. The actress has four children with ex-husband Jason Goldberg.

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