“Make Europe Great Again”. Orbán assumed the presidency of the Council of the European Union

On Monday, Hungary’s prime minister and leader of the ruling Fidesz party, Viktor Orbán, took over the presidency of the EU Council in Brussels. This ended the presidency of Alexandre de Croix of Belgium.

“Everything now depends on Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán,” wrote Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croux in X, entrusting Orbán with a new function.

The Hungarian presidency will last until the end of the year. On January 1, 2025, Poland will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Hungary.

Orban: Make Europe Great Again

The Hungarian politician described Monday’s handover ceremony at the Belgian government’s headquarters in Brussels as “delightful”. “Everyone is happy it’s our turn to make Europe great again,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Orban refers to the slogan of the Hungarian President of the Council of the European Union: “Make Europe Great Again”. It’s a popular slogan for Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States and an acronym for the MAGA movement, which stands for “Make America Great Again.”


Hungary’s ambassador to the EU, Balint Odor, assured the media and institutions in Brussels that Hungary wants to be an “honest broker” during his presidency, and also in matters related to providing aid to Ukraine. – The Ambassador promised in a press conference that we will deal with Ukraine if necessary.

Hungarian President of the Council of the EU

The logo of the Hungarian presidency will be a Rubik’s cube, which Boca described as the “essence of Hungarian genius,” according to the minister, and Hungary will introduce its presidency with a new competitive, “farmer-oriented” agricultural deal. “Protect external borders more effectively and manage the root causes of migration.”

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Boca added that Hungary will make efforts to speed up the EU enlargement process. “We want to take significant steps towards Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine,” he stressed.

According to media reports, the Hungarian prime minister plans to form a “coalition for peace” in the European Parliament, which, according to Viktor Orbán, is dominated by EU officials who are ready for war with Russia.

Recall that at the beginning of June, tens of thousands of people gathered in Hungary’s capital to march in support of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his pro-peace policy regarding the war in Ukraine. Earlier, during the election campaign, Orbán assured his comrades that his government would not allow Hungary to become involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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