UEFA investigate Jude Bellingham over gesture after England goal | England

Jude Bellingham is facing an investigation by UEFA over an obscene gesture he made after scoring a dramatic equalizer against Slovakia on Sunday, although the England champions are unlikely to be suspended at the moment. Bellingham kept England in the Euro 2024 Championship with a last-gasp overhead kick to force extra time and Harry Kane’s goal carried England into a quarter-final meeting with Switzerland on Saturday.

Bellingham appeared on television kissing his right hand before making a gesture to the pubic area, although he said it was an “inside joke gesture towards some close friends who were at the match” and was in no way directed at the Slovakia bench.

He later tweeted the same defense. However, UEFA saw fit to request more information and take a closer look. They said: “The Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector will conduct a disciplinary investigation in relation to a possible breach of the basic rules of decent conduct by an FA player, Jude Bellingham, after it occurred within the scope of this match.”

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UEFA also accused the FA of “lack of order or discipline” by England fans and “igniting fireworks” by them.

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