Slovakia, elections. Robert Figo’s Smar-SSD party won. The survey says otherwise

Robert Figo’s Direction-Slovak Social Democracy (Smar-SSD) party won the election in Slovakia – according to preliminary results after a recount, 98.66 percent. Electoral districts. Smer-SSD received 23.37 percent support. Progressive Slovakia (PS) came second with 16.86% of the vote. Voters. Earlier, after the election commissions were closed, exit polls showed completely different results and electoral victory of the PS.

After the votes were counted, in 98.66 percent of the electoral districts, former Prime Minister Robert Fico’s Direction-Slovak Social Democracy Party (Smer-SSD) was the winner with 23.37 percent.

Second place with 21.9 percent goes to the Progressive Slovakia (PS) party – 16.86 percent. Third place was taken by the Głos-Social Democracy (Hlas-SD) party with 15.03 percent of the vote. Voters.

Former Prime Minister and winner of the 2020 elections Igor Matović (9.05%) and his coalition partner Ordinary People and Friends (Olano) – clashes with whom caused the collapse of the previous coalition and led to early parliamentary elections – Freedom and Solidarity also entered parliament with 6.13 percent of the vote (SaS). The Christian Democratic Movement scored slightly better than the latter (6.92%). The party that crossed the electoral threshold was the Slovak National Party (5.68%).

Robert Figo on election nightPAP/EPA/Martin DIVSEK

After announcing partial results, major political parties ended their election nights. President Samar Figo did not come out to the press. His colleagues announced that the former prime minister would speak on Sunday after the full results were out. Michal Szimeczka did the same and announced that he would comment after the results were fully presented. He stressed that he had agreed that talks on the future government should be conducted by the party with the most votes.

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Robert Figo on an election billboard in BratislavaPAP/EPA/Martin DIVSEK

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Martin DIVSEK

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