Russian maneuvers on the coast of Ireland. Fishermen have set up a protection zone

Contract details Not yet approved by the government in Moscowe, but the zone is flexible, aoDistance between Irish fishing boats and Russian vesselsAnd 60 to 80 km.

Announced last week by Russia Plan to carry out warship exercises About 260 km from February 3-8 Southwest coast of Ireland Caused considerable controversy. They take place within the exclusive economic zone Ireland. The Irish Foreign Ministry has said that due to the international situation, the presence of Russian factions would be undesirable.

Irish fishermen on Tuesday protested the plans, saying they would take place in fishing areas, which could destabilize the ecosystem. Announced that They like to protest during maneuvers.

Although Russia’s Ambassador to Ireland Yuri Philadov He argued that the controversy was “exaggerated” and that “this training is in no way a threat to Ireland or anyone else” and decided to meet with the fishermen because of the growing media coverage of the matter.

When it was over, said Brendan Byrne, president of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association.An agreement was reached to open up the possibility of simultaneous fishing and maneuvering.

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