127 thousand. Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. They have missiles capable of reaching Kiev

Ukraine’s Ministry of National Defense announces mobilization of more than 127,000 people near the border. Russian land and air forces and navy. Many gathered at the border training ground to produce Iskander ballistic missiles capable of reaching Kiev, intelligence operations, ammunition and radio and satellite equipment used for field hospitals.

The divisions of the Russian military located near the Ukrainian border can be divided as follows: Usually established in the western and southern parts of the country and derived from other regions – such as the Far East or Siberia – and is located within 300 km from the eastern border of Ukraine.

In the town of Voronezh, 330 km from Kharkiv, the 20th National Guard is stationed on a regular basis within the Western Military District. Two mechanized units and two missile forces.

In Wałujki, 50 km from the Ukrainian border, is the Russian 3rd Motorized Division. Regiments of motorized snipers, tanks and artillery. South of the border in the Rostov and Krasnodar Territory, the 8th All Army Guard is stationed within the Southern Military District. One artillery and one motorized rifle division with two motorized rifle regiments, two tank regiments and one artillery regiment.

As part of a permanent presence in Crimea, the 810th Marine Regiment is stationed in Sevastopol, and the 126th Coast Guard is stationed in Berevalne, south of the peninsula, where the 8th Artillery Regiment is located. The 56th Infantry Regiment is stationed at Fyodosia on the Black Sea coast.

Basic organizational unit of Russian troops brought near the Ukrainian border Battalion Tactical Groups (BTG) – Combat teams of about 800 infantry-backed artillery-backed targets.

Rosen Advisory Committee with white interview according to data collected by so-called Additional tanks and motorized snipers were deployed at the Pokonovo training ground, 200 km from Ukraine. To Zhelnia, 300 km north of Ukraine In addition six BTG motor-equipped snipers, a tank battle squad and one Iskander and artillery battalion each were dispatched. They were located in the villages of Rosniadov and Klimovo, less than 100 km from the border. Extra motor equipped infantry and tanks. Support units were also sent to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

Allows BTG to quickly accumulate strength on the selected piece of the front, Iskanders, BM-27 and BM-31 rocket artillery systems and long-range howitzers with a range of 500 to 700 km were brought to the Ukrainian border. There are currently 36 missiles near the Ukrainian border, along with those parked on bases on a regular basis.

According to data from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 127,000 people are parked near the border. Soldiers, of which 21 thousand. Air Force and Navy Soldiers.

Additional units were brought in from forces near Russia’s North Caucasus, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Siberia and the Russian Far East, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Ukraine: Traces of war[Reportaż]

According to the Ukrainian military Russia’s accumulated military equipment will allow it to destroy the Kremlin state’s “key strategic objects” and escorts near the Ukrainian border to Kiev.

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According to experts dealing with security issues at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a British think tank, troops were mobilized along the Russian-Ukrainian border, thanks to the proliferation of gunfire, which helped allow Russia to carry out mass firing. Dictate the conditions of potential conflict.

Russian Radio Free Europe and the Conflict Investigation Commission (CIT) will jointly monitor the movements of the Russian Armed Forces, according to a joint investigation. In the first weeks of January, Russia began relocating units from the eastern military district to the western part of the country. Analysis of the journalists and experts investigating the case points out Transfer of up to half of the war energy of the district located in the Far East of Russia. Some moved BTG ended up in Belarus, while the location of the rest has not been released. Investigative interviews and analyzes of posts, photos and posts posted on social media show it Soldiers were sent to areas along the border with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military wrote in a statement that “the territory of Belarus should be considered a possible place for Russia to begin its occupation against Ukraine.” Washington agreed with the assessment that the Kremlin “used the pretext of joint military maneuvers (Zapad 2021 – ed.) To withdraw its troops from Belarus and increase the military’s ability to threaten Ukraine.”

The United States and NATO have responded to Russia’s demands

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