Russia – Ukraine. Oleg Deribaska – Property of the Russian oligarchy in Poland. Where and in what companies is it hidden?

Oleg Deribaska – a Russian oligarch who is closely associated with President Vladimir Putin – also has interests in Poland. The Register of Beneficial Owners maintained by the Ministry of Finance includes 31 companies in which the billionaire indirectly holds shares. Most of them are affiliated with the Austrian construction company Strabok.

As part of a joint investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a press network of 25 editorial offices, including FrontStory.PL, information on assets owned by Russian oligarchs was released.

Global estate surveillance began last year with a list of 35 people named after imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The database records data on the wealth of oligarchy located outside Russia, collected by journalists and investigators.

Oleg Deribaska and his property in Poland

According to, Oleg Deripaska benefits from 31 companies registered in Poland. This is the result of data from the Central Register of Actual Beneficiaries, which can be found on the Tax Portal of the Ministry of Finance. “One of the main tasks of the CRPR is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing” – we read on the government website.

Most of the 31 companies are affiliated with the Austrian construction company Strobach, with annual revenues of around 15 15 billion. The Russian oligarchy holds stakes in Strabag’s subsidiaries through MKAO Rasperia Limited, a company registered in Cyprus. Rzeczpospolita stated that “Strobak is the second largest beneficiary in terms of the value of tenders won in public contracts in the construction sector in Poland.”, through Deripaska, an Austrian holding company, has announced that it will indirectly (through a chain of companies parking in Cyprus) become a partner in a company that manages Warsaw hotels – Syrena Hotels in Warsaw. , Hotel Polonia.

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The only hotel that survived World War II was Polonia. In popular Poland, it was the capital’s exhibit – “the place for art events, conferences and the visit of the most famous personalities from the world of sports, art and politics” – wrote the portal.

“On March 10 this year, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on Deribaska. Australia joined it on March 18. Oleg Deribaska is still not subject to EU sanctions, although his name appears in the draft German Die Zeit.

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Freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with representatives of parliamentary committees at the Prime Minister’s House on Monday.

During the meeting, the head of government presented a set of proposals that, according to officials, would require changes in the constitution. As a rule, the exclusion of financial spending on the military, the possibility of confiscation of assets of oligarchy and Russian companies. Another proposal – perhaps not amending the constitution – is to introduce additional taxation for companies pursuing their economic activities in Russia.

A few days ago, “Rzeczpospolita” received a reply from the Ministry of State Property, stating that “the names of many people associated with the government of the Russian Federation doing property or doing business in Poland have been identified”.

Strawberry with owner organization and partners

On March 15, the Strabok SE press office sent out a message about the end of operations in Russia. “The Board of Management welcomes the decision of Haselsteiner Familien-Privatstiftung, a key partner, to break the syndicate agreement and build transparency,” the statement said.

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HFP announced to management that it had decided to “terminate its syndicate agreement with UNIQA Raiffeisen and Rasperia Trading Ltd.” after all attempts to acquire Russian shares failed.

Earlier on March 1, he said, “Most of Strobok SE’s shares are held by major Austrian shareholders: Haselsteiner family and Uniqa / Raiffeisen companies. , The Board of Management carries out its own operational activities, not the partners or members of the oversight committee.

In turn, on March 3, in response to the content of the rights structure appearing in the media, the company stated that 72.2% of the shares were owned by Austrian capital: the Hazelsteiner family and the Uniqva / Rifisen group. The remaining 27.8% were owned by Rasperia since 2007.

Strobok SE is an Austrian construction company headquartered in Spital under Drew, Austria, headquartered in Vienna. It is the largest construction company in Austria and one of the largest construction companies in Europe. The company operates in its domestic markets in Austria and Germany and in all countries of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

In November 2021, the “Guardian” called Oleg Deribaska, Putin’s favorite businessman, “Forbes” estimated the wealth of $ 4.1 billion. Currently, the property is valued at $ 2.2 billion.

Twenty-six properties were annexed to Deribaska as a result of an international investigation by the OCCRP’s Press Network. Billions of dollars are in reserve, including a hotel in the Austrian Alps, a ferry, a helipad and a 60-meter ship with luxury properties in London, Paris, Washington and New York, and four villas in Sardinia.

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