Living conditions in Russia have deteriorated. Is Putin in danger?

According to experts, Russian occupation of Ukraine And the imposition of Western sanctions is already a burden on the poorer members of Russian society as prices rise and there is a shortage of basic goods.

“Since the invasion of Crimea in 2014 and, the living conditions of the Russians have deteriorated.

The UN Human Development Index, which measures progress in terms of quality of life, health and education, ranks Russia among the countries with the “highest human development,” while other figures point to a more sophisticated reality, experts point out.

Excessive wealth and extreme poverty

“Russia has moved from Soviet – era equality to extreme wealth and poverty. Economic growth led by Vladimir Putin in the first decade has narrowed the gap between rich and poor, but inequality is even greater than in most developed countries,” the researchers said.

According to experts, factors such as corruption and low taxes for the rich widen the income gap. Free public health care and a relatively inclusive education system reduce inequalities, but many hospitals are poorly equipped and it is difficult to compare universities with their foreign counterparts.

The Russian Federation is facing sharp inflation and capital inflows, while fighting a possible bankruptcy after Western nations imposed sanctions on Moscow to punish Putin. Invasion of Ukraine.

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