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According to the record released by the Security Service of Ukraine, they are Russians Players They did not stop looking for a way to escape from the war. One of them admitted that in an interrupted conversation he had instructed one of his relatives to enter into an imaginary marriage.

– I, F ***, told my friend: Go, apply to the registry office – he says during a conversation with his friend. – F ****, we were told: This is not an option.

Attempts to avoid participation in war seem to fail. According to the soldier, the army tightened its controls considerably as a large number of Russians refused to fight. Now Russian soldiers can return home in only three cases: an injury, their own death or the death of a close relative.

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War in Ukraine. Russian rockets fall on houses, civilians are killed

When I read the morning report of the generals of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass, the Russians carried out combat operations mainly in the direction of Chevrodonetsk and Bakmut. In the fierce fighting took place in Chevroletonetsk, the Ukrainian army inflicted casualties on the Russians, while in the direction of Pashmukh, the Ukrainians repulsed enemy attacks near Nahirn, Berestov and Roti. In the vicinity Kharkiv The efforts of the Russians are focused on maintaining the occupied territories and preventing progress Troops Ukraine in reclaiming occupied territories.

Artillery fire and fighting continue in the Sloviansk region. There, the Russians also conduct routine aerial intelligence. Russian rockets crashed in the village of Mykolayivka, east of Slaviansk.

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The Russians are also firing heavy artillery at Mykolive in southern Ukraine. Ukrainian Operational Command South announced on its Facebook profile that bombs were falling on homes and civilians were dying.

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In the Donetsk region, Russian forces launched artillery attacks on Ukrainian positions. Tests were also conducted with bombs and helicopters.

Ukrainian officials say there is a threat of rocket and airstrikes in the Volyn and Poles region north of Ukraine. Belarus. “As part of the creation of the Southern Operations Command, an increase in the number of armed forces is planned Republic There are up to 80,000 people in Belarus, the Ukrainian command said, “the publication says.

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