Russia says it has a list of potential targets to seize if the West confiscates its assets to help Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) listens to his press secretary Dmitry Peskov during a visit to the Russian Church marking its 100th jubilee in Brdo Pri Krajo, Slovenia, July 30, 2016.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

  • The Kremlin said it had a list of foreign assets it would confiscate if the West took a similar step.

  • The West froze $300 billion in Russian assets after the invasion of Ukraine.

  • G7 leaders are scheduled to discuss how to legally seize Russian assets when they next meet in February, according to Reuters.

The Kremlin said it had a list of foreign assets that it would confiscate in response to any similar moves by the West regarding frozen Russian assets.

“Well, of course, we analyzed the possible response in advance. We will take measures that best serve our interests,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday. TASS, a state news agency.

Peskov declined to comment on the assets found in Kremlin list But he added that Moscow is preparing for retaliatory measures because it is aware of “the complete unpredictability of our parties and their tendency to violate international law and other legislation,” according to TASS.

The West has frozen $300 billion in assets of the Russian Central Bank After its invasion of Ukraine. Now, G7 leaders are set to discuss how to seize it legally when they next meet in February. Reuters I reported this last Thursday, citing two sources familiar with the plans and a British official.

It is not immediately clear what the G7 leaders intend to use the assets for, but the West is considering seizing the frozen Russian assets for. Post-war reconstruction of Ukraine Or to help Financing its war effort.

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However, there were concerns about the legality of the seizure of frozen Russian assets. It can also Undermining the international financial system And the erosion of confidence in the US dollar and the euro as reserve currencies.

The Kremlin launched the idea Seizure Russian assets “Outright theft.”

Russia's potential retaliatory asset seizures could make it more difficult for foreign companies to jump through hoops just to… Exit the Russian market.

Currently, the Kremlin already scrutinizes and micromanages almost every corporate exit plan before approving it. The New York Times I mentioned last month.

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