'Lucky' Pokemon Go player solo performs a 5-star Buzzwole Raid with just one level in 39 Monday

Niladri Sarkar

Buzzwole is one of the most exciting additions to the Pokemon Go 5-Star Raids in January 2024, and one player shocked the community by soloing the powerful Ultra Beast with just one Pokemon. This is not 100 IV nor maxed out.

Three of the most powerful Ultra monsters have taken over 5-star raids in Pokemon Go and Trainers from around the world are wasting no time adding Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree to their collection.

Of these three species, the Buzzwole is the largest, and therefore presents a tougher challenge than the other two types of Ultra Beasts. But one trainer stunned everyone by not only taking on Buzzwole Raid alone, but also beating him with just one Pokémon.

Posted by a user named “ULTIMATEFIGHTEER” on Pokemon Go com.subreddit It showed the moment they beat Buzzwole Raid with Mega Rayquaza, with over half a minute left on the Raid timer, with the caption: “Solod the first 5-star AMA raid.”

The post invited comments from several people Pokemon Go Fans who admired the OP's achievement, writing: “I can't even do a simple regular raid by myself LOL. Good sh*t” and “Awesome keep it up.”

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When asked about Buzzwole's moveset during the Raid Battle, the OP answered that the Pokemon has Power-Up Punch as more fans praised them for taking advantage of Ultra Beast's dual weakness to Flying-type attacks with the powerful Mega Rayquaza.

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But what took everyone by surprise was the OP revealing that their Mega Rayquaza was only level 39 and had not maxed out to level 50.

“Wait really? This is crazy,” one user commented before asking, “Is the vein perfect?” This prompted the OP to drop another surprise when they mentioned that Mega Rayquaza's IVs were only “13-12-15.” Additionally, Others added that the in-game weather damage boost was a “huge difference maker.”

While the OP team was certainly “lucky” that they encountered the right Buzzwole Raid moveset and the right weather for the battle, it's definitely more important to solo a 5-star Raid with only a level 39 Pokemon.

If you want to try out the 5-Star Raid solo, learn how to get Mega Rayquaza and also the species with the highest CP in Pokemon Go.

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