Switzerland: “You have to rely on Caritas to meet basic needs”

Pierre-Alain Praz: As of 2014, my observations are consistent with data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The latest figures show that 745 thousand people – that is 8.7 percent of Switzerland's population – live below the poverty line (income limit is 2.3 thousand francs per person and 4 thousand francs for a family with two children). This phenomenon intensified after 2019 – first due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then due to inflation.

These estimates do not include those at risk of poverty.

Yes. People at risk of poverty are those who earn several hundred francs a month more than the poverty line – and are therefore ineligible for social benefits.

If we add this population to those considered poor, we come to the conclusion that 12% are already in dire straits. Up to 14 percent of Switzerland's population.

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