Russia: Drilled the head and implanted the chip. He wanted to control his dreams

A 40-year-old resident of Novosibirsk pierced his skull with an ordinary drill and implanted a handmade chip without anesthesia. He had previously conducted experiments on sheep. The man explained that his goal was to control dreams. Doctors do not leave him a dry thread.

Michał Raduga wants to control dreams. Many people have unusual dreams, but Russians do not stop at dreams. He decided to achieve his goal.

As the Baza channel points out, the 40-year-old spent hours studying YouTube videos about the work of neurosurgeons. Also, a man He practiced his experiments on five goats. Then he said he was ready to do the operation himself.

He used the procedure A drill he bought at a hardware store. He also had a camera, thanks to which he could watch the operation live on the screen.

A Russian’s Stupidity and Criticism of Doctors

Raduka cut the skin on the head and stretched it with paper clips. According to his account, he implanted the chips he produced to communicate with the cerebral cortex. During surgery About a liter of blood was lost. But he managed to survive and sewed his head back together.

According to him, stimulating the cerebral cortex helps control dreams. The man initially wanted to turn to professional neurologists for help installing the chips, but he was afraid. Liability for potential legal violations.

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Not only were Russian doctors who believed that Ratuka survived the crash, but also commented on her stupidity. The database also cites Oxford University’s Consultant Neurosurgery. Alex Green insisted that the man is now not only suffering from a stroke, but may also be battling epilepsy..

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