Bagmuth. The Ukrainian military estimates that the city is besieged by more Russians than the forces of the Czech Republic or Hungary.

More than 25,000 people are fighting against Ukrainian troops near Pakmut. Soldiers of Russia; That’s more than the army of the Czech Republic or Hungary, said Colonel Serhii Serevaty, a spokesman for the Eastern Group of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

An American volunteer died in Ukraine. He died in Bagmut

American volunteer Cooper “Harris” Andrews died during the battle for the city of Baghmut, reported Jake Hanrahan, a correspondent in Ukraine.

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– On In the direction of Bachmut 25,600 people are fighting against us. soldiers, 65 tanks, 450 armored personnel carriers, 154 artillery pieces and 56 missile systems. This is more than the army of the Czech Republic or Hungary, the military man calculated in an interview with the RBK-Ukraina portal.

Russians lose hundreds of soldiers every day

Czerewaty revealed that every day the Russian occupiers lose about 100 dead soldiers in and around Pakmut.

The commander of the eastern group of Ukrainian forces, General Oleksandr Chirsky, announced on Monday that the enemy had not been able to capture Pakmut..

– To move forward, the enemy makes maximum efforts and counts for nothing. Despite significant losses, Wagner’s new assault teams, members of other private military companies, and landing forces are thrown into the fray. However, Chirsky said that the enemy could not capture the city (Bachmut).

In some parts of Pakmut, Ukrainian soldiers forced the Russians to abandon their positions, he said.

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