President of Moldova: We do not currently have an army capable of fighting

Moldovan President Mia Chandu has said his country does not currently have a military capable of fighting. The report came in the context of escalating conflict in Transnistria and fears that the war in Ukraine could spread to Moldova.

For 30 years, the Moldovan army has been without weapons and military equipment. We are now well aware of its consequences. This must change Said during the Lane National Flag Day celebration.

The president acknowledged that Moldova did not have “effective defense against threats because it did not have sufficient military capabilities, did not build vital infrastructure and failed to ensure social retaliation for potential conflict.”

He stressed that a well-trained army gives the country the confidence and freedom to make strategic choices. Moldova must make every effort to build a professional, modern army.

It is an investment in the security and security of the country (…). Now that a war is raging on our border, we understand it better Alley said.

There were several explosions Monday in a building called the State Department of Defense in Traspole. The occupier or occupiers dropped a grenade launcher in the area – mostly RPG-27, which is used by the armed forces of Russia, Transnistria, Jordan and Gabon.

On Tuesday, in turn, it was reported that explosions had occurred in Mayak, where two communication towers were demolished. Also, the airport in Draspole is said to be under attack. Unauthorized Republican media claim the facility was attacked by drones, but Chisinau says the reasons are unknown.

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In addition, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, several drones appeared in the village of Kobasna – where there is a large arsenal of post-Soviet ammunition. Firing should also be carried out from the nearby Ukrainian side.

War Research Institute: Russia may try to destabilize Moldova

Transnistrian officials have introduced Red extremist threat level for 15 days. Therefore, the Victory Day parade scheduled for May 9 was canceled. According to civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, The Russian team in Transnistria was placed on “full readiness.”

Moldovan President Mia Sandu, “These explosions”Expansion efforts related to the forces within TransnistriaThose who support the war and those who want to destabilize the situation. “

The head of Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoleski, said that “traces of terrorist attacks are leading to Ukraine.”

After the hostilities began in Ukraine, Transnistria became neutral and openly stated that we were not invaders, that Transnistria did not plan and did not plan to attack our neighbors. I think those who organized this attack are trying to drag Transnistria into conflict he said.

Krasnolovsky summoned Ukrainian authorities for questioning.

The so-called Transnistrian Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatius In an interview with Russian television, Rosija said the 24 attackers had been caught on surveillance and that “there was evidence that they had gone to Ukraine.”

The Russians destroyed the strategic bridge across the Lyman Dynister River

Ukraine’s military intelligence On April 22, unidentified Republican officials began searching for or building bunkers, according to Ukrainians. Transnistrian officials were preparing for possible provocations.

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According to Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malar, Russia is ready to use Transnistria “as a bridge to attack Ukraine or other Moldova.”

This was stated by Russian General Rustam Minniekayev last week In the second phase of the “special operation” (Russia calls for an invasion – Ed.), The goal will be to “liberate Transnistria”. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it did not “see” the growing risk in Transnistria and was looking for a peaceful solution to the region’s problem.

Transnistria is an unrecognized country located in Moldova on the border with Ukraine. Traspole has its own government, administration, currency and capital. The authorities strongly adhere to pro-Russian policy, use Russian and Soviet symbols, and deploy a group of the Confederate Armed Forces there.

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