The three-word “Hack” gives Twitter users blue ticks for free — but there’s a catch

For some time, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has enjoyed telling people who complain about changes to the platform Pay $8 For their “verified” blue ticks, that’s where the ad revenue for the site collapses. The new ‘hack’ gave people a way to give themselves a blue tick for free, if they wanted to be associated with paying for a tick, which a lot of celebrities do no.

The “hack” is simple. All you have to do is type the words “Former Blue Selection” into your bio, and like magic, or Candyman, a blue tick will appear.

The trick that IFLScience has Certain To work with previously verified users under the old blue hash system, it doesn’t seem to work for users who were never verified.

There are also reports from some former blue check accounts of the blue tick appearing whenever they edit their resume, before disappearing shortly thereafter. This didn’t work when we tried it on a personal account, but it did when we changed the bio to IFLScience Twitter account. However, this would make more sense as to why the error occurred, as there is little benefit to triggering blue checks by repeating a forbidden phrase on your resume. Old old verified users remain distinct From other accounts in the Twitter code, though the blue check is hidden. Changing the bios may be what causes the brief error.

The tick appears to be disappearing very quickly, but it is the latest in a long line of ticks Terrible errors that have surfaced on Twitter since Musk took over, making sweeping changes to the schedule, algorithm, and verification system with reduced team.

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