He heralded the decline of Europe. Abdi Aladinov was appointed as Kadyrov's successor

The independent “Nowa Gazeta Europa” revealed it Ramzan Kadyrov has been suffering from pancreatic necrosis for many years. Chechnya's leader reportedly learned about the disease in 2019. The newspaper drew attention to his frequent visits to doctors and absence from important events.

For example, Kadyrov did not exist then Speech of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly In 2023 or In his meeting with the leaders of the North Caucasus regions. Even when Yevgeny Prigozhin visited Moscow with a group of Wagnerites last year, he did not speak.

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Is Kadyrov really sick?? Rumors about his health have been circulating for years. After the publication of “Nowa Gazeta Europa”, he himself shared a video from the gym on social media, which confirms that he is indeed in full force.

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Meanwhile, “Nowa Gazeta Europa” reports There may already be agreement in the Kremlin on the successor to Chechnya's leader – It must be Abdi Aladdinov.

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On April 16, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Aladdin to the post of deputy head of the Defense Ministry's Main Directorate for Political and Military Affairs, the newspaper notes. According to the correspondents of the newspaper, it will be “A springboard to a wonderful future life”.

Successor to Kadyrov. Who is Abdi Aladinov?

Since 2020, he has been subject to economic sanctions, a ban on entry into Great Britain and the freezing of bank accounts. In November 2022 – at the request of the Chief of Police – more Poland placed him under an economic embargo.

Interestingly, in August 2022, Vladimir Putin awarded Alauddin the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

What did Abdi Aladinov say about the war in Ukraine?

At the end of last year, General Abdi Aladinov was a guest on the program of a Kremlin propagandist from Channel 1. Part of their conversation was shared by journalist Julia Davies on X (formerly Twitter). The men talked about the war in Ukraine.

Tell me, what war are we fighting? How do you feel about her? How has it changed in two years? – Propagandist Soloviev asked.

“Ahmad” the battalion commander replied: “Indeed, for that For Russia, it was a holy war, nothing more. It is sacred because we do not want to take a single piece of land, a mountain, a mine from Ukraine. It doesn't matter what they have or don't have.”

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The most important thing is what lies behind it. Aladdinov added that we protect the interests of our nation in the fields of spirituality, morality, divine values ​​and universal human values.

A very long road to success lies ahead of us. Let's fight until we're on top of the world. We are already there, but we have to prove it, he said.

Allaudinov called in another interview American democracy is “mankind's chief enemy”. But that is not the end. He said the US, Europe and NATO were “all satanic” and the “army of the Antichrist”.

Europe will fall, America will fall – the West will apologize to Russia, he insisted.

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