Sejm. An outage affected the mission. The Chamber had to interrupt its deliberations

During the Senate’s evening vote on the amendments, the voting system was suspended. Initially, the Speaker of the Sejm was in charge of the session Elżbieta Witek She informed that 2 minutes interval is necessary.

– Someone said that there was such an attack in Slovakia, how to make fun of it, This is not good, mr. Marshall told one of the delegates.

However, in the end, Vitek ordered a 15-minute break “The Big Break”. – It’s a computer crash, not mine. I’m in shape, as you can see, she told the assembled delegates.

After 15 minutes, we will tell you what to do with the computer – said Videk.

Voting resumed after about 25 minutes.

On Thursday morning, there was a “brutal attack” on Senate websites.

At 11 o’clock on Thursday, the Senate Speaker Tomasz Grotsky “Hackers have been under attack for about 40 minutes,” he said.

– I don’t know if this is the result of our decision yesterday to recognize the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime or if it is a coincidence, but There is a strong hacking attack on our servers – Grodzki information. He added that IT professionals are actively working to fix the problem. Eventually, the Senate side was restored to full working order.

On Wednesday, the Senate passed a resolution recognizing the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime. The resolution also calls on the international community to support the International Criminal Court in prosecuting those responsible for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

All senators in the chamber voted in favor of the document.

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