Russia. Dmitry Kovalev to replace Vladimir Putin? You can see him in the video from Moscow

He had plenty of time to talk to Vladimir Putin during the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. Who is this young man? Igor Sushko, who leaked the secret FSB documents, says he may have been the heir apparent to the Russian leader. According to him, the records of Red Square show 36-year-old Dmitry Koval.

During the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, a young man spoke at length with Vladimir Putin. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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In the Red Square records, Igor Sushko recognized 36-year-old Dmitry Kovale as head of a department of the presidential administration. He also said that rumors were circulating in Russia that the number one person in the Kremlin had chosen himself as heir apparent.

Igor Susco reveals FSB secrets

For several weeks, Igor Suzuki provided translations from Russian into English that were allegedly leaked from the FSB. In turn, the documents are to be obtained by a team led by Vladimir Ossexkin, the founder of the Association for Monitoring and Disclosure of Prisons in Russia.

Baza, a telegraph channel independent of the authorities in Moscow, provided information such as Shushko. Its creators analyzed the recordings of the march in Moscow, and suggested that Kovalev could replace Putin in the future.

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Putin – who will replace Kovalev or perhaps Badrushev?

Kovalev noticed the basics of posting a lot of photos related to the game of hockey on the Internet. He therefore did not rule out the possibility that his interest in the sport had allowed him to become intimately acquainted with the Russian leader.

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The list of future rulers of the Kremlin does not end with Koval. The US “The Wall Street Journal” and the union agency believe Putin has anointed 69 – year – old Nikolai Badrushev, Russia’s president of the FSB and longtime KGB agent.

Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s illness

Rumors of who will replace Vladimir Putin have come with speculation about the Russian leader’s ill health. On May 9, Victory Day, he saw a military parade in Red Square, with Putin covering his legs with a blanket. This will mask their trembling caused by the disease.

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Earlier, a video of the president’s conversation with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appeared. In the 12-minute video you can see Vladimir Putin bending over and his hands not letting the edge of the table. Sometimes, the unusual movement of his leg is also visible.

According to unofficial news, the president of Russia may even fight cancer, and surgery is planned in the coming days.

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