War in Ukraine. White House: China, India must make clear Russia cannot use nuclear weapons

Sullivan said NATO countries and other responsible countries, including China and India, should make it clear that Russia should not consider using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

he asked US President Joe Biden He would have explained the use of tactics Nuclear weapons in the Black Sea “Less serious,” Sullivan replied, noting that highlighting such differences in this context would be dangerous.

– The use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, we are not going to be small – a White House adviser.

Sullivan also noted U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, which has “allied with Russia by limiting oil production.”

– Considering the future US Relations with Saudi Arabia The politician announced that Joe Biden will act methodically and strategically, consulting with representatives of both American parties on the next steps.

OPEC+, the group of producers, included Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, including Russia, announced last week a decision to cut oil production, which the Biden administration opposed.

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