Russia can’t deal with garbage. “Headache, stomach ache, gas smell”

Anna lives 3 km from the Zak waste processing complex, located near the village of Myachkovo near Moscow. Since the facility opened in October 2019, Anna’s quality of life has declined dramatically.

— In the spring of 2020, we smelled gas from the landfill for the first time, and it made me sick. I have never had an allergy in my life, but under the influence of high levels of pollution I broke out in hives all over my body, Anna said in an interview with The Moscow Times.

Anna and other residents living near Jag Complex, one of the country’s largest landfills, also complain of watery eyes, metallic taste in mouth, headaches, stomach aches and vomiting.

The jug is one of several facilities built in recent years in the area surrounding the Russian capital, home to 12 million people. “Smelly problems” are not limited to Moscow.

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