War in Ukraine. General Sirsky confirms: Troops withdrawn from three locations

Russian shelling is paying off. The commander of the Ukrainian army said on Sunday His forces retreated at many points along the front.

War in Ukraine. “Big threat” to Kiev

General Oleksandr Chirsky added that his soldiers retreated in at least three places. “They took up new positions west of the villages of Perdise, Semenivka and Novomysilovka,” he confirmed.

New trick of Ukrainians: Saving forces against Russian attack. President Andrzej Duda warned of the “huge threat” of a Russian strike in an interview with Canadian broadcaster CTV News.

UNIAN reports on another problem with the war with Ukraine. It is about lack of players and lack of labor. Therefore, a possible Ukrainian attack is possible only next year.

Ukraine. There is a problem at the front, a shortage of men

The situation of employees is a growing problem – said former US Marine Rob Lee. If the situation does not improve, more aid packages from the US will not solve the problems, he added.

Rob Lee asserted that the US administration of President Joe Biden Trying to approach the subject very carefully. – To say who we are: “We need to encourage more people to fight,” the military official pointed out.

Evidence: Reuters, UNIAN, “The Washington Post”

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