Polish doctors showed photos from Ukraine. “You Don’t Know” – o2

Our volunteers were not the only ones fighting in the Ukrainian-Russian war. On the battlefield, the Armed Forces of Ukraine provide support Polish battlefield medics. Their task is to evacuate the wounded from the front, protect the vital operations and wounded and quickly evacuate them to a safe zone, send the wounded to the hospital.

It’s a deadly job. The Russians spared no one in their fights. So battlefield rescuers can’t count on reduced fares. In addition, they often have to risk their lives to reach out to victims and try to help them. Poles are highly valued by ZSU for their dedication and knowledge.

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“We’re very specific medics because we’re trench medics. Sometimes assault or basement medics. The deciding factor is where the boys are and where the fight happens. Our medical care is limited to carrying on our backs for work” – explained Damien Duda, head of the “Meanwhile” foundation.

He started supporting the Ukrainian army as a medic in 2014 and now brings together volunteers from Poland. Those fighting alongside the ZSU against the invaders. But rescuers on the battlefield because their main task is to help wounded soldiers. And the Russians, because they would control the aggressors.

Duda showed what the working conditions of Polish paramedics are like. digging, trenching, Some buildings were destroyed. Any place is better to treat the wounded and save his life. Advanced hardware? That is out of the question. You have to rely on what fits in backpacks and first aid kits.

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Heroic Polish saviors save soldiers every day by overcoming the fear of death. They work in shifts, constantly in the heat of battle. If you want to support their work, you can Join the fundraiser on Patreon Help them better prepare for their work in Ukraine. Demands are high and equipment wears out very quickly.

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