Russia. “Always ready.” Vladimir Putin spoke at the Victory Day ceremony

Vladimir Putin began his speech by referring to the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine (a propaganda term for the war in Ukraine – ed.). According to the President of Russia, Officials in Western countries support the powers that clearly represent the “losing side in the Great Patriotic War”. (Second World War – Ed.).

The revenge and mockery of history. The justification of Nazism is part of the general policy of Western elites, he said.

– Today we see how they try to distort the truth about World War II. This bothers those who are used to building their own A colonial policy based essentially on hypocrisy and lies. They are tearing down monuments of truth to those fighting Nazism, putting traitors on pedestals, erasing the memory of heroes and nobles, he added.

According to the Russian president, “the West is trying Controlling global conflicts, inter-ethnic antagonism and sovereign development centers“.

Later in the speech, Putin stressed that the troops of the Russian Federation are ready for further conflicts and respond to threats to the country’s security.

– We reject the exclusive claims of any country or alliance. We know what excessive ambition leads to. Russia will do everything to prevent a global conflict, but at the same time we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always ready for war – he explained.

– We celebrate Victory Day against the backdrop of a special military operation. All participants in the front line, in the combat communication line are our heroes. We bow to your perseverance and dedication. All Russia is with you. Our players trust you and care about you. Their spiritual involvement in your destiny and their exploits inextricably link generations of heroes of the motherland, he stressed.

Victory Day in Russia. Victory Parade in Moscow

Traditionally, the Victory Day parade It started at 10:00 Moscow time (9 in Poland – ed.). Events on Red Square in the Russian capital will last about two hours, during which officials and residents gathered there will hear a speech by President Vladimir Putin and witness a commemorative military parade.

According to information provided by state services, in front of the Kremlin walls A total of 9,000 soldiers and 75 different types of equipment march. The parade will begin with a guard of honor from the Russian Army, a mechanized column with a Soviet-made T-34 tank, and the entire event will end with a performance by the Russian Air Force.

Traditionally, after the parade, President Vladimir Putin, together with government officials and foreign guests, will visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The official said at events related to Victory Day this year Heads of eight countries will participate: Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Laos, Guinea-Bissau and Cuba.

Victory Day is in the Russian Federation and many countries of the former Soviet Union A public holiday is a day off from work. Many cities organize special events commemorating the end of World War II, including military parades and concerts.

Major celebrations have been organized in Moscow since 1995. Since then, a military parade through Red Square has been organized every year. Initially, only infantry units participated in the event, but since 2008, by the decision of President Vladimir Putin, military equipment units have also participated in the parade.

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