Russia. This is what the locals did. “For the sixth time in the new year” – o2

Ukrainian intelligence calculates at least the sixth case of breaking signal blockades in the New Year of 2023, Centralization and blocking of railways in various regions of Russia.

Locals attacked the railway

According to the report of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR), such guerrilla actions lead to violations in the schedule of movement of military columns and trains.

In 2022, around 40 such cases were registered, and damage to railway transformers and locomotives was reported. Significant activity by railway partisans in Russia was observed after the Putin regime announced a partial mobilization.

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The train often derailed

The independent Russian intelligence magazine “The Insider” calculated that official press releases from Russian Railways spoke of at least 63 train derailments in Russia between March and September 2022. Most of the incidents took place in western Russia, with some trains crashing near military units.

Russian Railways reported that more than half of the accidents were related to violations of the current condition of the track. Journalists pointed out that the authorities could cover up many incidents, especially where there was only a blockade of the track, but “Russian railway guerrillas” started posting photos and statements on social media.

They are inciting the Russians to sabotage

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