Presidential election in Russia. Vladimir Putin spoke. He talked about the conflict with NATO

Several dozen minutes after the results were announced, Vladimir Putin appeared at party headquarters to address a crowd of volunteers and journalists. The winner of the election emphasized that today's decision of the citizens is “ź”.The source of the country's power is the Russian people“.

– The voice of every Russian citizen shows it The most important thing is the united will of the people of the Russian Federation. Support the country's presence, defense capabilities, science, education and its development in all key sectors, he said.

– We are all one team. I want to thank all Russian citizensThose who came to the polling stations and voted – he added.

Presidential election in Russia. Putin at war with NATO: Everything is possible

After thanking the volunteers at Putin's headquarters, the press conference began. VLADIMIR PUTIN WAS ASKED: ABOUT THREAT TO RUSSIA'S SECURITY i Possible military conflict with NATO.

– In the modern world Everything is possible – he said.

Soldiers from NATO countries are in UkraineThere is nothing good for them there, they are dying en masse – he added.

At the same time, the Russian president emphasized that the conflict with the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance would lead to a situation where “the third world war is still one step away.”

Vladimir Putin on the saboteurs fighting in Russia

According to the Russian president, the situation The army is under control and the terrorists will be eradicated.

– In total, the enemy concentrated a group of up to five thousand men in the border zone. Not directly on the state border, but somewhere in their immediate rear. Total losses are approximately 40 percent, of which approximately 35 percent are irrecoverable – he argued.

Performance is low. Even on the battlefield, commanders tell me, it was immediately apparent that these were no ordinary units. They go in droves, but, as they say, to slaughter – he added.

At the same time, Putin emphasized that there is currently no death penalty in Russian criminal law. “The attitude towards traitors is the same as in a war zone“.

– During the Great Patriotic War, there was a formation created by Vlasov, a traitor to the Motherland. They too fought against their motherland with arms in hand. Everyone knows how that ended. Back then, these people, these traitors and scum, fought on the side of the Nazis. Now those same people are neo-Nazis, fighting on the side of the neo-Nazi regime. These are completely obvious things, he insisted.

Russian president on Navalny's death: “He died, it's always a sad event”

In questions for the winners of the presidential election in Russia Alexei Navalny's name appeared.

At the same time, the Russian president acknowledged it Agreed to exchange the Russian opponent. However, he stipulated that Alexei Navalny would not take part in the presidential election and end his political activities in Russia.

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