War in Ukraine. Live Broadcast – Tuesday 25th July, 2023

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview published by CNN on Tuesday that we will continue to attack the bridge linking occupied Crimea and the peninsula with Russia; In it, he acknowledged that Ukraine’s counteroffensive was going slower than expected.

A week after Ukrainian drones severely damaged a bridge linking the peninsula to mainland Russia, Ukrainian forces attacked a Russian ammunition depot in Crimea. “These are our legitimate targets, and hitting them will reduce the Russians’ ability to fight and help save the lives of many Ukrainians,” Reznikov said.

When asked if it was the Ukrainian forces’ intention to completely close the bridge from use, he admitted it was. “Disrupting the enemy’s logistics, stopping their ability to transport ammunition, fuel, food, etc. is a common tactic. That’s why we will use this tactic.”

Referring to the Odessa shelling that has been going on for several days, as a result of which many valuable monuments have been damaged, he reminded again that Russia is a terrorist state. He also emphasized this in the context of breaking the so-called grain agreement, which prevents Ukraine from exporting grain, which is intensifying the global food crisis.

Asked if Ukraine planned to intensify attacks on Russian ships in the Black Sea in response to shelling of Odessa and other coastal cities, he said: “We have such capabilities. We have weapons … and if the situation in the Black Sea requires it, we will respond.” He also recalled the sinking of the flagship of the Russian Navy, the Moscow.

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