President Duda on Ukraine’s future in NATO. “I expected more”

  • The president also announced that he would press the White House to invite Ukraine to NATO at next year’s summit in Washington.
  • Commenting on the NATO summit in Vilnius and the issue of Ukraine’s future in NATO, Duda admitted that he hoped Ukraine would receive more specific arrangements.
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During a conversation with conservative publicist Marek Thiessen, Duda was asked, among other things, why the American right — some of whom oppose aid to Ukraine — should support his cause.

– It’s very easy. Right now, Russian imperialism can be stopped cheaply, because American soldiers will not die,” Duda replied. As he added, Vladimir Putin’s dream of reclaiming the territory of the Russian Empire must be stopped now, “to prevent it from happening like World War I and World War II, where American soldiers had to bleed and sacrifice their lives in Europe. Restore peace and freedom to the world.”

The president noted that he is not afraid of a Republican victory in the 2024 elections because “there is no doubt that the United States fully understands the threat posed by Russian imperialism.”

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President Duda: Ukrainians need more help

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When asked if Ukraine has enough weapons to change the current situation in Ukraine, thanks to the help of Western countries, including Poland, the Ukrainians now have more modern equipment than Russia, the answer was “probably not”.

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