Passenger cars registered in Russia are banned from entering Poland

A press conference was held at the border crossing with Belarus in Terespol, which was attended by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. Marius Kaminskand, Deputy Chief Inspector, National Tax Administration. Marius Kojni and the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Security Force, Maj. Gen. SG Tomas Braga.

Following the publication of the guidelines on 8 September European Commission Regarding the ban on the entry of cars registered in Russia into the European Union, the ban will apply at the Polish border from tomorrow and will take effect from midnight tonight – said the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Kaminski added that any passenger car registered in Russia cannot enter the territory of the Polish state.

– Russian trucks were already covered by this ban. Now we close this matter. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration noted that a Russian car cannot enter Poland.

The rule is simple – no car registered in Russia can enter Poland

The ban applies to all cars used for commercial and private purposes, regardless of whether the owner of the car is a citizen of Russia or a citizen of another country. The rule is this – a car registered in Russia is not allowed to enter Poland.

Not just Poland. Collaborative activities

Similar regulations have already been introduced for Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and Finns (with some exceptions).

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