Colombia. The President announced that he was severing diplomatic relations with Israel

Colombia will be the third Latin American country to cut diplomatic ties with Israel, after Bolivia and Belize. Colombian President Gustavo Pedro announced that it would take place on Thursday.

– Here, before you (…) The President announces tomorrow (Thursday – Edition) that diplomatic relations with Israel will be severed because it has a genocidal government – Pedro spoke to a crowd of supporters gathered in Bogotá. In honor of Labor Day.

– The era of genocide, the era of destroying an entire nation before our eyes, cannot be reversed with our inaction. If Palestine perishes, so will the human race. “We will not let her die, we will not let humanity die,” he added.

Colombia's leftist president has repeatedly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government for its military operations in the Gaza Strip, which began in October in response to a brutal terrorist attack by Palestinian Hamas.

Petro announced, among other things: joining South Africa's complaint to the International Court of Justice, accusing Israel of genocide. In March, the UN called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. He threatened to sever diplomatic ties with Israel if the Security Council resolution was not complied with.

President of Colombia Gustavo PedroMauricio Duenas Castaneda/EPA

Colombia will become the third Latin American country to sever ties with Israel since its attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. At the end of October, the authorities of Bolivia decided to take such a step, and in November the authorities of Belize announced a similar decision.

Main photo source: Mauricio Duenas Castaneda/EPA

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