War in Ukraine. Soldiers were disillusioned with training by NATO instructors

According to one of the Ukrainian armed forces soldiers trained in the West, NATO instructors They themselves do not always know what to do in the event of an unexpected situation – reports “Le Monde”.

Ukrainians disillusioned with NATO exercise “They learned from YouTube”

According to the newspaper Training to operate aerial surveillance drones It sounds awful — even though drone warfare is an integral part of military operations in Ukraine, it’s not included in NATO’s training program, instructors say.

Also quoted words in the article Ukrainian soldier YevgenyWho spoke about training in England in 2022.

The instructors then reportedly told the players to take care of their own safety before thinking about the injured. However, the translators understood this sentence as: “If anyone is injured, kill him for your own safety.”.

According to Yevgeny, after training, military personnel Learned new weapons and tactics from YouTube.

Training of the Ukrainian Army. “Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder”

British Defense Minister said Grand Shops, London aims to train 30,000 people by the end of the year. Ukrainian soldiers.

– Purpose Training 30 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. I don’t think British resolve will weaken. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians, said the politician.

As the Union points out, Schabbs has made his country’s intentions clear Strengthen support for Ukraine.

Sources: Union, “Le Monde”

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