Partial mobilization in Russia. How will the war in Ukraine affect the fate? General Waldemar Scribsock comments

I exclude the possibility of sending 300,000 soldiers to the front at once, because they need to be trained and equipped, said General Voldemort Skripsak, commenting on TVN24 about the partial mobilization in Russia. While “this is a significant injection into the military potential of the Russian army,” he said, “it will not be a turning point in the war.” – It all falls apart when you resort to such things – the army assessed.

On Wednesday morning, Vladimir Putin ordered The partial demobilization of the Russian armed forces will take effect immediatelyIt will cover 300,000 people. He also announced support for a mock referendum to join the four occupied territories Ukraine Back to Russia threatening the West with nuclear weapons.

Retired Lt. Gen. Waldemar Skripsak, former commander of the ground forces, told TVN24 how the decision could affect the situation on the war front.

– The reported number of 300,000 soldiers called up as part of this mobilization will certainly be a significant injection into the military capacity of the Russian military. However, this capability is definitely not ready right now. In my opinion, they will be brought to the fore regularly before December or January – he said.

“He rules out the possibility of sending 300,000 soldiers to the front at once, because these soldiers must be trained and equipped,” he added. – The Russians are now downloading equipment from the 60s, 70s and 80s and reaching deep reserves of equipment, these soldiers must train for this equipment (…). They will not all go immediately, because this army has no equipment, the general pointed out.

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General. Skrzypczak: Everything falls apart when you resort to such things

– This mobilization caused great concern in Russian society. At this point, we don’t know at what level this will happen, but it’s clear that what’s happening in the Kremlin is what’s happening in the war, and that this government and this system are being eroded. It all falls apart when you resort to such things – the army assessed.

He was asked to what extent this partial mobilization would change the fate of the war.

– I would call it prisoner rather than mobilization, they will force these people into the army, because they know what criminal liability awaits them. However, in my opinion, there will be no progress in this war, because I emphasize that the Ukrainian army is in good shape at the moment. This is evidenced by the fact that they operate in four different directions. This is a huge effort for the Ukrainian army, he continued.

– Today the Ukrainian army has such power, which allows to conduct large-scale operations on the entire front, and they are able to achieve the goals they set for themselves by October – said General Skripsak.

Main photo source: TVN24

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