NFL Draft: GM Chiefs Brett Fitch confirms Trent McDuffie of Washington as one of 18 “first-round” targets

When you are a 12-choice goalkeeper in NFL Project (Like the Kansas City Chiefs The first round opened on Thursday night), it’s almost impossible to imagine and play every corner. Led by General Manager Brett Fitch, Chiefs tried to do just that.

As it turned out, they failed. And that was a very good thing.

“With our first pick, it’s funny because every year we go through what we think of [is] Every scenario is possible, and we haven’t touched on McDuffie’s scenario,” Fitch laughed during his press conference after the first round.

The “McDuffie scenario,” as the general manager described it, was Trent McDuffie’s fall in Washington into the 1920s — to be exact, to pick No. 21. Before the draft began, Veach revealed that the Kansas City Personnel Division I selected 18 real players in the first round. McDuffie was one of them.

Believing that a player of his caliber would not be available in the 29th selection, he called out Veach New England Patriots, who were willing to trade 21 for 29, one of two from the third-round Chiefs and one from the fourth. Fitch forged his leg.

“When you make a move, you will do it for a man you have in it [first-round] Fitch said, “I think the fact that we were a bit aggressive shows [and] Kind of inclines your hand to what you think about McDuffie. We definitely thought he was one of those players, which is why we took this step.”

21-year-old Fitch called to tell him the gospel. It was more than just a player waiting to hear it.

“My family is huge,” McDuffie said, speaking to local Kansas City via Zoom media after the first round. “I feel like we are the closest family ever, so during enlistment, I wanted to make sure my aunts and uncles, my grandparents—everyone there, and everyone who helped me growing up during my football career was able to enjoy this moment with me. When I got the call, I saw the Kansas City Chiefs, So I said, “Wait. Let me out. Talking to Coach Reed, talking to Spagnuolo, talking to the Hunt family, and suddenly my family started screaming. And I’m like, ‘Wait. What am I missing here? What’s going on here?’ I ran inside and of course my name appeared on the screen and everyone started screaming.

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“I was like, ‘Give me a second, coach. This may take a minute or two. When I get the chance to talk to all of you, I’ll let you know. Honestly, it was just an exhilarating moment – just being able to spend that time with my family, so it was great to be a part of that.”

Fitch emphasized that the presidents have never had McDuffy come to Kansas City for a visit simply because when it comes to some eventuality, it’s not necessary. McDuffie said the superiors hosted him for an informal interview at the Scouting Combine, but that’s all there is to it.

This team didn’t see any chance of being near the number 29 pick…or even Within 29.

“I think we were obligated to be selectively aggressive, and if there was a player like Trent McDuffie, ‘Hey, let’s go and move him because he’s really good,’” Fitch said. England, but I think that was our mentality, and we just followed the plan.”

The buffalo bills They were selected 25th, and Fitch felt the Chiefs had to get ahead of them if they were to secure McDuffie.

“[Derek] Stingley and sauce [Gardner] He went high, and we had a bunch of corners in there, “Veach started. Just knowing some of the team needs were right in front of us, and I think Buffalo took a corner soon after, and I think he substituted a spot as well.”

Bales was originally the 25th pick but was switched to 23rd to take Kier Elam from Florida.

“We knew that was coming,” Fitch explained. “We called the teams – I think pick before and pick after – for the New England trade, just to put ourselves in the center. The way the board was dropping and knowing that we’re picking up so late in this draft here, that the odds of a guy like McDuffie at 21 Not to mention 29, it was pretty low, so we thought it was the right time to make the move.”

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Modeling his game after a familiar name

McDuffie comes in at 5 feet 11 and 193 pounds, which some would say is average or a bit smaller for first-round corner appearances. But when pressed on that aspect, coach Andy Reed didn’t seem to be too concerned.

“He’s got enough size, he’s played against big receivers and he’s done a good job,” Reed said. “We thought it was a good size there.”

As a freshman for three years in Washington, McDuffie accumulated 94 tackles (71 singles), with eight passes defended, including two interceptions. Describing himself as more of a defensive back than just a cornerback, McDuffie pronounced a name during his first media chat that most Chiefs fans are very familiar with.

“I almost look at myself like a Tyrann Mathieu kind of guy,” he said of the 5-foot-9 All-Pro, “someone who will be able to come in and play a bunch of different situations and just help the team however I can. That’s a big thing for me going forward, it’s just Going there with the mentality of, “However I can get on the field – and yet I can help this team, I’m going to do everything I can to do that, so I know this organization has a great defensive mindset, and frankly, I’m very excited to be part of this team.”

McDuffy has been crafting his football career away from the former president since the days he saw him as a college player.

“Grow up, shoot, watch Terran Mateo in LSU “He was one of those men where he wasn’t the oldest,” McDuffie continued.[Mathieu] He wasn’t the fastest, but he was always going to play. And that’s something I always try to do in my game – just be that one who’s going to flash on the screen. you know? Just be that guy who’s always around football because I’m a footballer, and I want to create the best chances for my team. So just watching Tyrann Mathieu and watching how he became a leader, how he trains, how he plays games – just the perseverance and heart he gave is something I can look at and try to design my game after.”

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The Matthew-like aspect of his game must have translated into the movie.

“Trent is a guy who can come here on day one,” Fitch said. “He was wired the right way, very knowledgeable about the game, a three-year player, a three-year starter, and it was definitely a situation we wanted to address.”

McDuffy joins the room in the corner that lost Charvarius Ward to San Francisco 49ers This is off season – thus, definitely in need of a bit more depth. With the next best hits after Larius Snead being Rashad Fenton and Dender Becker, it looks like a novice who started as an outside corner on day one might be the expectation of the Chiefs.

Given the lack of previous contact with superiors, it all came as a surprise to McDuffie. However, the call was well received.

“When I got that phone call, it was like, ‘Stop! Kansas City? This is tonic. “

One of the voices on the other line was defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo.

“He told me, of course, congratulations. Glad to have it [you]”.” McDuffie remembers. “We didn’t talk much because the night – of course – was crazy. But I’m excited to go meet him [Friday]. I’m excited to sit down, start learning that defense, and start figuring out how I can help the team. And I mean, go ahead, shoot. I’m ready to go tomorrow… I’m just ready to play football at this point.

“The draft is finally done, and I finally have the team, so I’m ready to jump in there, join the team and start building those bonds.”

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