New York Times: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could have a negative impact on the situation in Ukraine

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is irresponsible and could have a negative impact on the situation in Ukraine,” writes Thomas Friedman in Tuesday’s New York Times. The columnist suggested that China has so far refrained from supporting Russia under pressure from the United States.

Nancy Pelosi has landed in Taiwan

Tensions are rising over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Media – Local and Foreign –…

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According to Friedman, US President Joe Biden and his national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, held a series of tough talks with Chinese officials. At the same time, Biden threatened PRC President Xi Jinping that Beijing’s material support for Moscow could cost it access to US and European markets.

“China responded by not providing military aid to Putin,” writes the columnist, citing representatives of the US administration. As Friedman adds, given this situation, the timing of the House Speaker’s visit to Taiwan “couldn’t be worse” against threats from the PRC and against Biden’s wishes.

Friedman said officials said the Russian president was prepared to use “small” nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

“In short, this war in Ukraine is very unending, very unstable, not without dangerous surprises that can arise every day. And yet, in the middle of everything, we will have a conflict with China regarding Taiwan, provoked by the arbitrary and frivolous visit of the Chamber announcer? – asks the journalist.

He adds that a basic principle of geopolitics is not to provoke “war on two fronts with two other superpowers at the same time”.

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