New Reports on the Azovstell Revolutions. Pravda: They were not taken to Russia News from around the world

Ukrainian journalists cite sources close to military intelligence and Volodymyr Zhelensky. According to one of the informants of the Pravda portal, the defenders of the Azovstal Link in Mariupol did not lay down their arms against the Russians. – The soldiers gave their weapons to their commanders – says the spokesman for the press. – After they shake hands with them and thank you for their service (…) Players They went to the Russians – he adds.

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Pravda: Azovstalin’s bodyguards are located near Donetsk

According to Pravda, those who fought in Azovstal were handed over to the Russians as part of a negotiated agreement between the military intelligence. Russia And Ukraine. Under this agreement, Ukrainians are to be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention. An informant of the portal says that the Russians promised among other things,InsideThat they would not use torture. Eventually, the soldiers from Mariupol were transferred to Russian prisoners.

Azovstalin’s bodyguards, a total of 2,449, are currently in Olenivka, near Donetsk. – We know that the prison is overflowing and there is a shortage of funds. Water, food, all of these need to be improved – says the portal source.

War in Ukraine. Russian planes from Belarus launched the attack

Reports from Ukrainian journalists contradict what was reported by the Russian campaign. Earlier, media in Russia reported that more than 1,000 guards of the Azovstal plant were to be taken to Russia.

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Mariupol was cut off by Russian troops1 March. On May 17, civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that the garrison had ended its combat mission and that the commanders had now received orders to save the lives of the personnel.

May 20 Russian Ministry of Defense All of Ashokstalin’s bodyguards were reported to have been evacuated from the facility. On June 6, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky confirmed that more than 2,500 Ukrainian bodyguards from Azovstlin had fallen into the hands of Russian occupiers.

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