Mayweather vs Deji results: live bottom card and main event updates

MMA Fighting presents results for Mayweather vs. Deji straight for Floyd Mayweather vs.

When the main event begins, around 4pm ET, check out our site Mayweather vs Deji Round Live Updates On our live blog for the main event. The exhibition competition will be of eight rounds.

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Jack Fincham vs. Anthony Taylor

first round: Taylor steps past Fincham’s bigger cake and throws some punches to the body. It targets the middle part of the fincham and mixes in head strokes. Fincham holds the punch. Taylor continues his support against the ropes and hitting the body. Fincham takes out an aggressive Taylor with a few punches. The Big Right Hand by Taylor Rocks Fincham. He seemed to have recovered, but Taylor quickly caught him with two more punches at the top. Physical shots from Taylor open up Fincham’s defences. One-way movement for Taylor so far.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Taylor.

second round: Taylor right and hit him in the body. Fincham sneaks in a jab. Fincham’s got a mix, but Taylor walks through it. Taylor only misses with his right hand. An arm from Taylor rotates around Fincham’s defense. Taylor breathes loudly. Fincham triples on a jab and connects to the right. Taylor hits Fincham with a punch, then lands another punch on top. Fincham lands right then Taylor orders him to bring him in. Taylor’s right hand scores. Taylor answers the body’s right hook with a punch. Taylor bows to Fincham’s right hand.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Taylor. In general, 20-18 Taylor.

Third round: Taylor still throws confidently. This punch doesn’t hold him back. Bodysuits by Taylor. Taylor Fincham angles and snipe on the body. Fincham with a decent punch. Taylor connects with his right hand. Taylor lets his hands go, but Fincham slows him down too hard. Gap from Fincham. Taylor shots to drop the body over and over again. Taylor is looking for the big right hand. Fincham shaken 30 seconds ago. Taylor picks his shots.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Taylor. In general, 30-27 Taylor.

Fourth round: Fincham nodded, but Taylor teases him in the corner. Taylor Jabs Fincham. Big right by Taylor pops Finchham’s head. Another right scores for Taylor. Taylor punishes Fincham inside. Fincham takes his own body shot. Taylor is winning a jab fight now. He presses forward and wants to finish. Taylor has another good hand.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Taylor. In general, 40-36 Taylors.

Official Result: No winner due to being exposed

Jadeer Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla

first round: Manzanilla with quick counters to start the fight. Moments later, Herrera FLOORS Manzanilla left a counter on the cash. There is a knockdown, but Manzanilla answers the count. Manzanilla with hook in the body. He throws a bit of brutality and gets warned by a repeated punch that hit the back of Herrera’s head. Herrera shakes off a powerful blow. Herrera shoots from the left to the body. Herrera controls the distance with his punch. They trade body shots. Herrera pumps that blow to close the round.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-8, Herrera.

second round: Slipped from Manzanilla to start the tour. He resumes the action and quickly stops again as Manzanilla receives another warning punch in the back of the head. Herrera’s blow causes Manzanilla problems. Manzanilla lands with his right hand as the referee called for a decisive break due to another punch behind the head. This will not fly. The referee scolds Manzanilla. The fight starts again and Herrera bumps into a Manzanilla Charger who gets stuck in the carpet, but that’s also ruled out. The second round is sloppy and weird. The right hand of Herrera lands followed by a push, but this is a knockout ruling. Again, strange.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-8, Herrera. In general, 20-16 Herrera.

Third round: Herrera jabbing like Manzanilla circles. Manzanilla rushes in with the shot of his body. Herrera with his right hand as he wipes Manzanilla. Herrera to the flesh, then a hunk. He scores when Manzanilla becomes overly aggressive. Manzanilla to the body, but then it slips again! Herrera is looking for a hatch to land on the ground. Scores left in a row for a kitten. Manzanilla with straight body. Manzanilla slips again. Herrera let his hands go as Manzanilla returned to the ropes.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Herrera. In general, 30-25 Herrera.

Fourth round: Manzanilla has a quick and unexpected approach, but Herrera remains patient and chooses his locations. Herrera rips one to his body. Triples on jab and misses it higher. Herrera Manzanilla body markings. Quick Hands from the back of Herrera from Manzanilla. Manzanilla is just trying to indulge and make it ugly but it doesn’t work. Jab by Herrera pushes Manzanilla back. Herrera wants that big KO.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Herrera. In general, 40-34 Herrera.

Fifth round: Herrera immediately returns to the body. There is now the top. Manzanilla hits the body and follows with punches on top. Herrera shoots a few headshots, but Manzanilla avoids the worst of it. Manzanilla sneaks in his right hand. Manzanilla does not hesitate to throw short punches in the ring. A confident Herrera begins to push the pace. Uppercut for the territory of Herrera. He flips over and makes contact with the left who puts a manzanilla on his butt. outperforms the count. Two more lefts reach Herrera. Manzanilla should take the knee.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-7, Herrera. In general, 50-41 Herrera.

Manzanilla didn’t come out for round six and fortunately that ended.

Official result: Worthy Herrera won. Franklin Manzanilla via TKO at 3:00 of the fifth round

Koji Koze vs John Ingram

first round: Ingram is busy with the left hand. Kouzi with lots of head movement and tricks. Ingram cast this pollen, followed by 1-2. Uppercut lands of Ingram. Cozy throws two hooks that have been blocked. Ingram with body punch blow set. It slides in that upper part into the abdomen. Cozy wants to respond, but it doesn’t go down much. Ingram marks Kosei with his right hand. Ingram with the hook by the body, Kosei answers with one of his own. Kuzei tears his body. On the top right hand goes down for Kouzi. Ingram in and out with a combination.

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Fighting MMA score round 10-9, Ingram.

second round: Big swearing from Ingram gives Kouzi pause. Cozy tries to respond, but Ingram makes him alert. He slips into Kuse’s punches and scores a lot of his goals. Uppercut by Ingram. He moves well and picks Kouzi with his punches and combinations. KOZI’s body is photographed by Ingram, and KOZI gets his right hand to communicate. Ingram’s right hand is swinging. Scoring with a left hook, Ingram has outlasted Kouzi in this round. Cozy reaches out with punches when he gets Ingram’s right face. Kouzi just look for heads and absorb Ingram’s punches. A combination of Ingram prevents Kouzi from progressing. Right hand on the bell by Ingram.

Fighting MMA score round 10-9, Ingram. In general, 20-18 ingrams.

Third round: Ingram starts with some fragile body work. Uppercut pops kozy. Ingram lands with a pair of right hands. Kouzi is a heavy throw, but he’s missing out. Lots of volume from the kickboxing star throwing into Ingram’s body. Cozy doesn’t fight like this is a fair who wants to steal the win here. Ingram misses Cozy but Cozy hits him with his right hand. Ingram lands a few good counters. Cozy wouldn’t back down, he trapped Ingram for at least 90 seconds. Kuzey’s right hand scores. Ingram is back, there’s that top again.

Fighting MMA score round 10-9, Cozy. In general, 29-28 ingrams.

Official Result: No winner due to being exposed

Harley Ben vs Faizan Anwar

first round:

second round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

Round 6:

Tommy Fury vs Rolly Lambert

first round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

Round 6:

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