Kyrillo Budanov paints a grim scenario. “Russia will attack after 10 years”

Budanov explained that after winning the war, Ukraine will have “new challenges and threats”. According to him, Russia or a part of it will continue to be Ukraine’s neighbor and complete separation from Russia is impossible.

He estimated that after some time restorationist sentiments would emerge in Russia, as had happened earlier in history. – We are definitely 10 years old. After the victory of Ukraine, if we can somehow influence the territories that are created, we will have more (at that time). But it will be at least 10 years – said the head of HUR.

Butanov warned that Russia would need about a decade to rebuild its military capabilities. “Ten years is a normal amount of time to reassess everything and get ready to play again,” he said.

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War on Russian territory?

When asked about the possibility of “shifting the war” to Russia’s border, the general stipulated that Ukraine “will not operate using the same methods as Russia.” “The war must be transferred to another territory, which – it is clear – is the Russian Federation, whose influence extends to their other territories, so as to extend and bind them.”

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