Search for 2.5-year-old boy in France Investigators have locked down the village and they have a hypothesis

A total of around 800 people including helicopters, drones, watchdogs, gendarmerie, foreign troops and ordinary residents have been involved in the search for 2.5-year-old Emil so far. The boy went missing on Saturday afternoon in Vernet, southeastern France. Now investigators are changing the way they operate. The village has been cordoned off, its residents are being interrogated and houses and cars are being searched.

Emil He went missing on Saturday afternoon In the village of Vernet in Alpes Haute-Provence. Her grandparents, in whose care she was, were reported missing shortly after 1 p.m. 17. Despite the great involvement of the services and the local community, the boy has still not been found.

The area around Vernet was repaired by local residents over three days. Services are supported by helicopters, drones and sniffer dogs. Even the straw was checked with a metal detector. Researchers hoped the devices would sense clothing items such as buttons and zippers.

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By Megaphone aired The child’s mother’s voiceEmil, hearing him, hoping he would come out of hiding.

Digne-lesBains’ prosecutors said: “We have no information, no element to help us understand this disappearance.”

At last he saw the boy Two witnesses He is known to leave his grandparents’ house. Then, the trail broke.

He might have had an accident

They are taken into account all the time All hypotheses, But it seems to be more related to accidents involving vehicles. According to her, the child could have been hit by a car or a tractor.

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“Le Provance” reports that the prosecutor’s office has decided to limit its area of ​​operation and focus on Vernet. The entrance to the village is open only to its residents.

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Police check Phone functionWe need to find out who were in the area when they went missing.

Residents are questioned and houses and vehicles are searched.

Investigators say the chances of the boy being alive are slim.


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