Russian barbarians. They deliberately destroy the Panther 2 and Abrams tanks in Moscow

Russian barbarism is well known to us in Poland, especially from the times of the Polish-Bolshevik War or the Second World War, at the end of which, when necessary supplies were destroyed or transported to the Soviet Union, the Russian army destroyed the regions where they originated. This Russian barbarism has not disappeared from the behavior of society, and now it can be seen on the Ukrainian front. Now they can be seen at the exhibition of captured weapons in Moscow, where captured weapons are publicly destroyed.

Recently, we wrote on the security portal that an exhibition of Western and Ukrainian weapons captured by the Russian army is being organized in Moscow. The event was launched to mark the anniversary of the victory over Germany in World War II and will continue until the end of May. Visitors can see more than 30 vehicles from 12 countries including USA, Great Britain, France, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Australia and Germany at the exhibition, such as Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Mortar, M113, Swedish CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Vehicle , the French AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicle, the Ukrainian T-64 tank and the biggest prey that the Russians hunted like a “magic unicorn”, namely the Cheetah 2A6 tank and the American Abrams tank.

These two tanks of western design are specially designed A crowd pleaser, destroyed. Recordings from Moscow show how the Russians are publicly bending down the barrels of Abrams and Panther 2 tanks using cranes and overloaded pallets, causing a kind of “humiliation” and a Western tank barrel disaster. It has a hanging condition which causes permanent damage to the vehicle. Now Russian propaganda will have content to laugh at and mock Western technologies.

The Zvezda TV channel explains that the Leopard 2 tank that arrived in Moscow was captured during the battles for Avdiivka. By mid-April, the tank was evacuated from the city. In turn, according to Russian media, the Abrams tank was quickly withdrawn from the front by the Russian army in the Berdychiv region at the end of April. According to Russian media, the tank was destroyed after hitting a mine and was then attacked by drones.

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The Russian military has long been “hunting” for Western military equipment. In March of this year, the Russians boasted about the first destroyed Abrams, for its destruction they offered 10 million rubles (approximately $ 108,000), while for the hijacking, only 5 million rubles were promised to destroy the Leopard 2 tank. Records and photographs show that the Ukrainian Abrams had a direct hit on the ammunition magazine located at the rear of the turret.

Undoubtedly, both Abrams and Cheetah 2 tanks will be heavily used by the Russian campaign to attack the West, as well as emphasizing the fighting spirit of the Russian army that captured this symbolic tank. After the exhibition in Moscow, the tank will be examined more carefully based on the technology used. However, we do know that the Abrams tanks transferred to Ukraine have export armor, i.e. reduced armor. So the Russians will learn nothing new from this shield.

Russians are proud of their achievements

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hailed the Moscow exhibition of seized weapons as a “brilliant idea.”

“The exhibition of trophies will create great interest among Moscow residents, guests of our city and all residents of the country,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “We should all see destroyed enemy equipment.”

First Cheetah 2, now Abrams. Russians brag again about captured American

Russian military bloggers noted similarities between the exhibit and exhibits of captured Nazi military equipment looted from the Soviet Union.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that foreign diplomats in Moscow should take the opportunity to visit the exhibition to see “how the West is destroying peace on the planet.”

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“This exhibition will be interesting to all those who still believe in mythical 'Western values' or who do not see the aggression unleashed by NATO against Russia and our nation,” Zakharova said.


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