The chain restaurant that serves the best fried chicken

Both Popeye’s and KFC, the alpha and omega of our chicken chain rankings, serve what is often thought of as Southern-style fried chicken, as do most of the other restaurants on our list. However, two of the companies in the top five offer something a little different. In third place is TKK, a Taiwanese chain with a handful of locations in 15 states and the District of Columbia. TKK also maintains its own spice blends but implies that the spices are more Chinese than Western. Customers enjoy the seasoning and use the usual accolades (crispy, juicy, flavorful, etc.) while also appreciating the fact that the chicken is cooked to order.

In fifth place is Bonchon, a Korean chicken chain present in 25 states. DC Bonchon’s chicken is of course Korean-style, which means the battered exterior is coated in a sweet, sticky sauce (soy garlic, spicy, garlic). Or Korean barbecue). Reviewers say the sauce adds a whole new dimension to the chicken, taking it places juicy and tender alone couldn’t go.

If you scroll straight to the end, here’s the two-sentence conclusion: If standard (aka Southern) fried chicken is what you’re looking for, Popeye’s produces very good stuff on a consistent basis. If you want fried chicken that offers an alternative dining experience, Bonchon is your choice, but if you want something a little different but not too extreme, TKK should suit you.

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