Japan. Crowd at the top of Mt.Fuji. “Tipping Point Reached”

According to Yamanashi Prefecture officials, the number of visitors to Mount Fuji continues to increase. In 2012 it was two million visitors per year, and in 2019 – five million visitors.

Now the trekking season has started. There are already 17 percent more tourists than before the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, officials are concerned that the situation regarding environmental protection is not there now “A critical point has been reached.”

Expert: There are more people in the mountains

– Overtourism – and all its consequences, Garbage etcRising CO2 emissions and irresponsible tourists – the biggest problem it faces Mount Fuji – Masatake Izumi, a Yamanashi prefecture government official and expert on the summit, commented in an interview with CNN.

Tourists are acting irresponsibly by attempting to climb Mount Fuji Only in sandalsOr summer clothes.

– Of course this time There are more people in the mountainsThe numbers are higher than ever, he added.

Concerns about disturbing the “sanctity of place”.

They also appear Concerns about maintaining the “sanctity” of this place. The mountain is considered a place of worship by followers of the Shinto religion.

Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s showcases. Its value was appreciated by UNESCO, which added it to the list of World Cultural Heritage a decade ago.

Today, a UNESCO advisory group called on Japanese authorities to do so “They controlled the tourist crowd“.

Heavy rains cause landslides in Japan. Two people have died/Quentin Dyburgian/AFPTV/AFP/AFP

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