Will the Italians step forward in Ukraine? Italian Defense Minister: Our position will not change

– In our legal system there is a clear prohibition of direct military interventions – explained Italian Defense Minister Guido Croceto, referring to the idea of ​​sending forward Italian soldiers in Ukraine. However, when asked about this possibility, he replied in the negative. – Absolutely not – he insisted. However, Minister Radosław Sikorski was not equally decisive and decided that he would not “reveal his cards”.

Minister of Defense of Italy Guido Croceto Stated his position on sending Italian soldiers to fight in Ukraine. – Our position will not change. “We have always said that we need to help Ukraine in every possible way, and we are doing that, but we have always rejected direct intervention by our soldiers in the conflict,” he told Corriere della Sera in an interview on Saturday.

However, when asked about sending the Italians forward, he briefly replied:- Absolutely not.

Direct intervention of Italian soldiers in Ukraine? The minister flatly denied it

The minister explained the reason for taking this decision. – Unlike others, our legal order has a clear ban on direct military interventions, besides, it is provided by laws and the constitution – he pointed out.

– For example, we can only imagine armed interventions based on an international mandate As part of the implementation of UN resolutions – added.

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He insisted that as national security minister, he had advocated from the beginning to help Ukraine prevent the escalation of the conflict. He said, “I request you not to increase the tension today.” He insisted that in the event of a comprehensive conflict, comprehensive diplomacy should be conducted.Italy has a lot to lose“.

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Asked if Emmanuel Macron was wrong to call on European countries to send troops if the situation worsens in Ukraine, he replied that he did not understand such a request.

– I do not judge the president of a friendly country like France, but I don’t understand the purpose and utility of these notificationsObjectively increase tension, he said.

Announcements by the President of France. Polish officials did not comment on their position

The announcements by countries about sending their soldiers to the front line come after French President Emmanuel Macron said in a recent interview with “The Economist”. Not ruling out sending Western troops to Ukraine.

In this case Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski also spoke. Asked if “Poland would consider sending its troops to Ukraine,” he replied “Does not reveal cards“.

– Let’s allow President Putin SurpriseWhat will we do – he added.

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