The Migration Crisis – Europe and the US are at Risk

Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times, writes Monday about the imminent new migration crisis that the US and EU fear. He believes that the influx of migrants can only be controlled through the “simultaneous application of diplomacy, police measures and development policies”.

In addition to issues related to Russia and China, foreign policy leaders are now more concerned about a potential migration crisis.

Is immigration the main topic of US elections?

A close ally of the US President Joe Biden He said: “If we lose the next election, it will be because of migration, not Ukraine,” Rachman writes.

This week U.S. political tensions over immigration will rise as pandemic law that expedited deportation of illegal immigrants expires.

The US is preparing for a situation where up to 13,000 people cross the US-Mexico border every day. People, twice as many as there are today.

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In Europe, the influx of migrants and refugees is also a source of tension and friction.. Prime Minister of Italy Georgia Meloney During the election campaign, he promised to limit immigration, but The number of migrants arriving in Italy is now 300% higher than a year ago. Nearly 40,000 people have entered the country since the beginning of the year. With the arrival of better weather, when the waters of the Mediterranean are calmer, the number of migrants will increase, the author predicts.

They called all “refugees”. Today, Germany wants control over Poland’s borders

The interior ministers of Brandenburg and Saxony are demanding the introduction of standard checks at the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic.

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IN England One of the government’s key promises is to stem the tide of migration; Last year 45,000 people crossed the English Channel to the islands. Immigrants.

“No one is stepping in to intervene in Sudan now.”

The main causes of migration are war, poverty and social collapseBut the West’s disastrous experience from intervening in countries such as Libya, Lebanon, Mali or Afghanistan means that rich countries are unwilling to send troops to stabilize the situation in collapsed states. “Nobody is now stepping up to intervene in Sudan,” Rachman writes.

However, he stipulates that ideas for dealing with migration waves through agreements with third countries such as Mexico, Turkey or Libya will often lead to his offering to their leaders, such as the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Instruments for exerting enormous political pressure on countries concluding such agreements.

Strict migration policy at the expense of neighboring countries

On the other hand, if a country applies a very strict migration policy, it usually happens at the expense of the neighboring country. In 2015 Hungary’s attitude towards refugees forced Germany to open its borders. Italy’s position is burdensome to France.

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The only way to reduce the flow of migrants in a humane and effective way is through a combination of diplomatic, policing and development policies and a patient approach to host countries.

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