America: She doesn’t know her father’s past. He admitted it on his deathbed

Thomas Randall fell ill Lung cancerRegarding the fact that he started chemotherapy in March 2021. While on his deathbed, he decided to reveal his biggest secret to his daughter. While in a hospital in the suburbs of Boston, he revealed that he did not have his real name Thomas Randall And the police have been searching for the fugitive for more than 50 years.

He said it was his real name Theodoreand surname Conrad. He admitted that he was forced to change his identity At age 20, he robbed a bank in Ohio and stole $215,000. Dollars. At the same time, he asked his daughter not to search for detailed information on the matter. However, interest Ashley Randall She won. She types “Ted Conrad missing” into a search engine and the first thing that comes up is “Wald Teller Robs Bank.” The woman found hundreds of articles and couldn’t believe they were all about her father.

She discovers her father’s past. He was wanted by the police for more than 50 years

Ashley discovers that it is her father One of the largest robberies in Ohio history. While working in a bank, Friday, July 11, 1969 entered a Society National Bank branch in Cleveland and found $215,000 in a paper bag. Dollars. The bank only discovered the theft on Monday 14 July, giving it a significant advantage over Conrad Services.

The girl told her father about her findings, and her mother also wanted to know the truth. – She read articles on the Internet and thought, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” – 38-year-old Ashley recalls. She added her father He did not live in hiding. But after discovering his secret Certain behaviors began to make sense. For example, as a young man he had no facial hair, but later he had a beard. In addition He rarely took off his hat in public and never traveled abroad.

The girl mentioned that she once begged her father to go to France with her mother, but he was against it. He explained that he had no desire to go abroad and that there were many interesting things to see in America without going abroad. Truly He does not have a passport because he cannot legally obtain one.

After Thomas Randall’s death, the police discover his secret

Knowing that her father had only a few months to live, she and her mother decided not to report for services. – The last thing I wanted was to see my ailing, 71-year-old father go to prison – she recalled. At the same time, both women declared that discovering Thomas’ secret did not change their feelings, but wanted to know the details from him.

It turned out that After Thomas’s death, his obituary was sent to a crime reporter in Ohio, with a hint that the deceased Conrad might be wanted. Condolences included too Names of Conrad’s parents.

He managed the case US Marshal of Ohio Pete ElliottThe son of John Elliott, who devoted much of his life to the service of solving theft. The man died in 2020, and his son decided to end the investigation. Officials said Several documents were verified and confirmed Including, among others: Randall’s bankruptcy filing in 2014, Conrad filing in 1967.

Ashley Randall recalled the day she met the sheriff, and the look on her face may have told investigators all they needed to know, as Elliott, standing in the doorway, said the woman “may have known what they came for.”

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