Italy: Earthquake near Naples

As reported by Ansa Agency, in Naples And in the surrounding areas, the phones at the headquarters of all services immediately rang. They called Terrified residents. Many in a hurry Leaving their homes, they do not want to return to them.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reported this Earthquake epicenter It was located on that day Three kilometers deep. The next earthquake did not cause any major damage except for the broken pieces of plaster in the buildings.

Italy: Earthquake near Naples

Officials in Pozzuoli, the city closest to the epicenter, appealed to residents to report any damage to the municipal police.

– It was a shallow earthquake, people felt it well, especially in the Agnano region, near the epicenter. We expect other tremors as well, but apart from falling plaster, there is no significant damage to the structure at the moment, said Mauro Di Vito, director of the Vesuvian Observatory, ANSA quoted the agency as saying.

As he further stated, “Seismic activity continues and will continue, no doubt about it”. – Earthquakes are unpredictable, but I assure you that everything is being done to mitigate their effects – he emphasized.

People are scared

The caldera region has a long history of seismic activity Super volcano, i.e. depressions in its upper part. It has a diameter of 13 kilometers. Beneath it is something bigger Liquid magma lake.

The tremors are getting worse People’s concern. Hundreds of thousands of people live in the Plegreyan Fields area.

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