Elon Musk says Tesla is spending $500 million on Superchargers this year after firing the entire team

Elon Musk says Tesla will spend more than $500 million on expanding its Supercharger network this year after firing its entire charging team.

It says a lot about the reason behind the shooting.

Last week, Elon Musk fired Tesla’s entire charging team amid widespread layoffs at the company.

We reported that the move led to Tesla backing out of leases for its planned Supercharger stations and a lot of confusion among its partners in the ongoing projects.

This will undoubtedly slow Tesla down in rolling out its charging station.

Musk previously said Tesla still plans to deploy Superchargers, but at a slower rate with a focus on adding chargers to existing stations.

Now, the CEO says Tesla will spend more than $500 million on expanding its Supercharger network this year:

Tesla has never announced how much it would cost to deploy a Supercharger, but some data points point to $45,000 to $50,000 per charger, which means spending $500 million this year would require roughly the same deployment as in Q1 — Q4 when Tesla had a complete supercharger. a team.

We previously reported that Musk fired the Supercharger team after team leader Rebecca Tinucci backed down on the level of layoffs requested by the CEO.

Musk responded by firing her and her entire team of roughly 500 people, then sent an email to other executives warning them that he would ask for their resignation if they didn’t fire as many people as he asked.

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Take Electric

This pretty much confirmed what I was talking about regarding Elon’s decision to fire the entire shipping team.

It has nothing to do with any change in plan regarding shipping.

The shipping boss opposed the layoffs and made Elon an example of collateral damage for herself and her entire team. It was a rash and impulsive move, which he is known to have done.

It was not based on any mission-driven initiative or change of plan regarding superchargers.

However, there are Elon followers who claim this is a genius move for reasons x, y, or z.

There will undoubtedly be a slowdown in supercharger deployment in the coming months after contractors review everything in the pipeline. Customers will be affected, especially if other automakers continue to join the network. This is inevitable.

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