Attack on ships of the Black Sea Fleet. The case has a “Polish thread”.

“Ukrainian armed forces are successful Hit the landing craft 'Yamal' and 'Azov'. Communication Center and many infrastructure facilities Black Sea Fleet” – the Ukrainian side reported on Sunday.

The attack took place on Saturday evening.

“Yamal” was designed in Poland and built at the Northern Shipyard in GdaƄsk. It entered service with the USSR Navy in 1988 as BDK-67. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it was taken over Russian Navy. In 2003, it joined the Black Sea Fleet, where it received a new name.

Kiev's calculations show that it has been destroyed since the beginning of the war A third of the Black Sea Fleet. Typically, the attacks were carried out using maritime drones.

Russian officials about the attack

Representatives of authorities cooperating with the occupiers said Russian forces repelled a major Ukrainian airstrike on Saturday evening.

This is the biggest attack in recent times“- said Mikhail Rasvozayev, the Russian-appointed governor of Sevastopol, on social media.

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From his account, we learn that a 65-year-old man was killed and four others injured in the shelling. However, he did not mention the Black Sea Fleet's losses.

The recordings appeared on the Internet, which shows a large explosion and growing fireball that leaves clouds of black smoke in its wake. There are also cases indicating the work of Russian anti-aircraft defense interceptor missiles.

Shelling of Ukraine. Russian missile over Poland

Saturday to Sunday night The Russians also launched attacks. Their missiles were directed towards Kiev and western Ukraine, where the target was Lviv.

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This was reported by the Air Force of Ukraine Russia launched 29 cruise missiles and deployed 28 drones. 18 missiles and 25 drones were reportedly shot down.

A Russian missile entered Polish airspace in less than a minute.

Recently, Moscow has increased its attacks on Ukraine, possibly in response to repeated shelling of Russian territory.

On Friday morning, the Russians embarked The biggest attack on Ukraine's energy sector since the start of the war. They used the law 90 missiles and 60 drones.

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