“Invisible” B-2 bombers in Europe. The Americans sent

Three B-2 Spirit bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base arrived at Keflavik Air Base in Iceland on Sunday, August 13. The machines appeared here in connection with the Bomber Task Force 23-4 mission. The bombers will fly alongside other aircraft belonging to NATO members, “strengthening the alliance’s cohesion and demonstrating the enduring strength of the transatlantic debt.”

“Invisible” American bombers are back in Europe. The aircraft arrived in Iceland to participate in Bomber Task Force 23-4 with NATO countries. As Gen. James Hecker, commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, explained, these types of missions highlight the U.S. military’s agility in today’s complex and unpredictable terrain. They also support stability and security in Europe.

B-2 Spirit back in Europe

“The presence of the B-2 at Keflavik Air Base serves as a solid link between US Air Force personnel and their theater counterparts. This combination facilitates joint training, ultimately improves interoperability and underscores America’s unwavering commitment to the region,” the Air Force Command statement read. US airspace in Europe and Africa.

The B-2 bombers that arrived in Europe were from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. A total of 20 B-2 Spirit bombers are stationed at the base (in total Northrop Grumman built 21 B-2 bombers, one of which was destroyed while leaving the Guam base in 2008). The machines are considered to be the most expensive military aircraft ever built. The unit cost of the B-2 ranges from $1.157 to $2.2 billion (different sources quote different prices).

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These long-range bombers are said to be mostly stealthy. This is due to the use of stealth technology in their construction, which reduces their detectability. This feature, combined with their speed and high payload, makes the machines capable of participating in a variety of tasks and operating at various heights. Even Northrop Grumman argues that the B-2 can effectively penetrate the most sophisticated enemy air defenses – both conventional and nuclear.

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One of the iconic machines of American aviation, it has the characteristic shape of a flying wing and a side profile resembling a bird of prey. Despite the first B-2 flying in 1989, the bombers are still a symbol of American power, and their appearance inspires curiosity. However, the Americans plan to replace the aging B-2 fleet with B-21 Raider bombers in the near future. The construction of these machines is still in progress. As we have already reported, Northrop Grumman plans that the first flight of the B-21 will take place later this year, and eventually the United States will operate at least 100 bombers of this type.

Karolina Modzelewska, journalist for Virtualna Polska

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