A fleet of F-35 fighter jets has left Poland. What is NATO planning?

In mid-September, a team of four 5th generation F-35 fighters from the 32nd Amendola Wing and the 6th Geddy Wing was sent to Malborg under the command of Col. Ciro Mascione from Italy. The NATO command announced the strengthening of member states Modern machinery in response to Russia’s provocations.

Interestingly, according to the NATO directive, On October 21, Italian F-35s were lifted into the air To intercept a Russian Su-30 aircraft. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Russians have dangerously approached the borders of the Baltic states several times.

The F-35s took off from Malborg on 2 November. We will return at the end of November for the next batch of NATO enhanced air policing, approximately until February 2024. The Italian Air Force will be able to stay in Poland until July 2024, along with other types of aircraft, explains Lt. Col. Carmelo Fraterulo, press officer of the Italian Air Force.

However, the militants left Poland and returned to their home country. This does not mean we will be alone. Italy will redeploy its F-35s to Poland later this monthFrom here an enhanced air police mission, i.e. enhanced air defense along NATO’s eastern border. According to the plan, the machines should be in our country by February 2024 They will be replaced by Eurofighter Typhoon aircraftIt will remain in operation in Malborg until July 2024.

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