Infectious measles. German Minister: It’s not mercury that kills fish. “Large amounts of dissolved salts” | World news

Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel noted New According to the German website, the results of laboratory tests showed “high levels of dissolved salt”. According to Vogel, this is “totally unusual” and may have contributed to the deaths of thousands of fish.

“These results are not conclusive and therefore still to be expected”, says

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Mercury thread will also be tested. Earlier, German media reported an increase in the concentration of this element in the water. However, according to the Brandenburg Environment Minister, mercury does not reach the Oder in such quantities that it would lead to such a tragedy.

Complaints to the voivodes regarding the Odra River. CIEP ordered emergency measures. “They didn’t do anything”

As Radio ZET reported on Friday, the Polish results of the dead fish tests will be known on Sunday evening or Monday morning. The samples will be tested by the National Institute of Veterinary Medicine’s laboratory in Pulavi, which will be operational over the weekend.

“Our current results do not indicate the presence of toxic substances, including mesitylene, in the Otra River. At the same time, we confirm an increased parameter of water oxidation” – said the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection on Thursday.

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Environmental disaster on the Oder River. “Locals live in fear”

The head of Polish Waters and the head of CIEP were dismissed. Morawiecki: The reaction may have been swift

“The situation we are dealing with is by no means predictable, but the reaction of the relevant services could certainly have been faster. Therefore, I have decided to immediately resign the head of Polish Waters, Premislav Daszy, and the chief inspector. Environmental Protection, Michał Mistrzak” – he reported on Friday night. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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boss Government He indicated in a Facebook post on Friday that “lessons will be learned and practices improved for the future.”

Michał Mistrzak and Przemysław DacaThe head of Polish Waters and the head of CIEP were dismissed. There is Morawiecki’s conclusion

“The responsibility of the authorities is an important issue, but now we have the protection of people and nature as the most important. We are still not 100% sure about the causes and sources of the poisoning, but there is no doubt that we are dealing with one of the most serious environmental pollutions in a long time. The causes are under investigation by all Polish state authorities. There are, they have the appropriate skills, equipment and knowledge “- we read.

As the Prime Minister added, “More information is coming bell On that day bell“And they will be informed.


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